Not every legal issue should be resolved through litigation, and when alternative dispute resolution methods hold the promise of a solid result, you can rely on Taylor | Anderson LLP litigators for deep knowledge of mediation and arbitration strategy and practice. 

In many cases, arbitration and mediation have distinct advantages over litigation, such as:

  • Quicker resolution of a case
  • Confidentiality – as compared to court proceedings which, in most cases, are public
  • Reduced cost – due to limited discovery and motion practice
  • Selection of mediators and arbitrators with expertise in handling the specific type of case
  • When a jury trial is unavailable
  • The less adversarial nature of mediation and arbitration, which can be invaluable in settling disputes among parties who desire to continue a business relationship
  • When appeal of the case will not be possible

A Talented Team of Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

If you are seeking a more cost-effective and efficient resolution to your case, avoiding litigation and attempting to settle outside of court may be more appropriate. We can analyze your case and the various available pathways to resolution so that you understand which path is most likely to achieve the desired result.