Following a week-long trial in late fall in Dallas County, attorney Sarah Schuller obtained a jury verdict of less than 2 percent of Plaintiffs’ demand at trial. The case involved a three vehicle rear-end auto accident. 

Plaintiffs claimed serious and debilitating spinal injuries from this multi-vehicle accident. At trial, Plaintiffs called their treating chiropractor, who was the first witness to testify via electronic means in Dallas. On cross-examination, Ms. Schuller forced him to admit that Plaintiffs had pre-existing disc bulges and herniations, Plaintiffs were non-compliant with treatment, and the medical records documented no back pain.

To counter their claims, the defense called its biomechanical expert who testified that the impacts experienced by Plaintiffs were similar to accelerations felt when sitting in a chair or climbing stairs. He further explained that any sprain/strain injuries should have resolved within a few weeks.

During closing argument, Plaintiffs' counsel asked the jury for $1 million. After deliberating for just over an hour, the jury returned a unanimous verdict, awarding each Plaintiff just $10,000. 

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